Sewing Machine Sponsorship Program

Teach a woman to sew and she has a new skill. Help her earn a sewing machine and you give her a creative outlet and a tool that can propel her toward significant financial gain. That is why our Sewing Machine Sponsorship Program is a keystone of our Make Welcome sewing classes.

With a sewing machine at home, our students ...

  • have more time to practice and master new skills
  • are able to mend clothes for their families and offer that simple mending service to neighbors and friends for a reasonable charge, earning some income for their work
  • have the ability to set up a home sewing studio and earn income through stay-at-home manufacturing.

Here's how our program works. Each time a student attends class, she gets a credit toward $5 off the cost of a new sewing machine. When she has attended enough classes so that she has earned the equivalent of 3/4 of the cost of the machine, she pays the remaining 1/4 of the cost and gets her new machine.


At our graduation ceremony in May, 2018, 24 students received their hard-earned sewing machines and sergers!

Would you like to help a student get her own machine by subsidizing the cost with a donation?

Visit our Donate page and indicate Sewing Machine Sponsorship in the comment box ... and thanks!