We Give Thanks!

Today we give thanks for all the fabric donations we've received. We rely primarily on fabric donations to keep our shelves stocked for sewing projects and we have been greatly blessed by the generosity of so many who have shared fabric with us!

Our first major fabric donation came from local fiber artist, Nancy Cook. When she was clearing out her stash in anticipation of a move, Nancy shared a large amount of exquisite batiks and specialty threads with us. We use many of the fabrics in the infinity scarves we make and sell through Journey Home. Nancy's generosity has been the source of much creativity and economic benefit for our refugee artisans when they receive income from the sale of the scarves. Thank you, Nancy!

We are also very grateful to the members of the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild for their donations of fabric. Make Welcome did the May guild program and at that meeting, many of the members brought fabric to share with us. We've enjoyed sorting through the beautiful and unique fabrics the women pulled from their stashes.  Jenn and Vicky, guild members and owners of the Quilted Thimble Cottage also donated a rack's worth of large sewing thread cones! What a great gift! We are so thankful for your support, CMQG!

Also this past spring, we received a large donation of fabric from fabric and pattern designer, Amanda Murphy. Such beautiful fabrics - some from Amanda's own lines of fabric and some from other "big name" quilt fabric designers. We were delighted with Amanda's generous gift and look forward to using these fabrics in our classes! Thank you, Amanda!

Our friends at Refugee Support Services have directed many donations our way. In addition to fabric, RSS has directed folks to us who have donated sewing machines, notions, and other sewing tools. We are happy to the be recipient of the sewing goodies from many cleaned-out sewing rooms and closets. We can almost always put sewing items that others no longer need to good use!

We are also grateful to Heather Bise, chairman of the World Refugee Day planning committee, for sharing several large boxes of design sample fabrics. These fabrics include a number of upholstery fabrics that we have used in tote bags, tea wallets, and pillow covers.

All of these donations spark our creativity as we collect, sort, and organize them and we give thanks to so many who have supported and encouraged the work of Make Welcome through generous gifts of fabric!