We Give Thanks!

Today, we are giving thanks for our volunteers. They are a rock star group of selfless, tireless, generous women and we would not exist without them. Here are some of the many tasks our volunteers do:

Help teach sewing class

Drive students to and from class

Help set-up and clean up both sewing class rooms and childcare rooms

Lug stuff!

Prep fabric ahead of class

Gather supplies

Teach the ABC's

Sing songs

Design curriculum for both the sewing class and the Pre-k program

Purchase supplies

Change diapers

Comfort little ones

Rock babies to sleep

Pick up completed items from women's homes

Help with questions about everything from rent to Medicaid to school enrollment

Organize rides

Organize special gatherings like Make Welcome dinners and our fun Christmas party

Solicit donations

Clean and oil sewing machines

Read books and play games with the children




I'm sure there are other tasks I've left off the list. There is so much to be done, week in and week out. We are incredibly thankful for our wonderful, dedicated volunteers.