Sewing Machine Sponsorship

We've got an awesome group of women who are part of our sewing class! Over the last several months, they've been learning to create purses, lanyards, headbands, towels and more under the leadership of our creative and talented sewing instructors.  Their skillsets are expanding - but unfortunately, the amount of time they get to spend sewing is really limited. None of them owns a machine, so class time is their only chance to sew. And that's not enough. The class is currently only able to meet 2-3 times each month.

As the women learn skills, we'd really like them to be able to get more practice time. We're also hoping that these sewing skills can be a possible income generator for them in the future. For that to take place, they'll need their own machines. Class time alone just doesn't cut it.

To facilitate this end goal, we're embarking on a sewing machine earning program. For each class the students attend, the cost of the sewing machine goes down a certain amount. When they've attended 10 classes, they'll be able to purchase their own machine for $10.

Here's how you can help: In the next few weeks, we're going to introduce a sewing machine sponsorship program. You'll be able to give $5, $10, $15 or whatever amount you want to help make owning a machine a reality for each of our students. More than that, you'll be providing a way for them to develop and grow in their skills! We've got more to say and will provide more details in the very near future! Stay tuned…