Saturday Sewing

We’ve had two wonderful Make Welcome Saturdays in a row - two weeks ago, the ARTwalk, and this past Saturday, a day of sewing for several of our Make Welcome students.  We had a couple of goals for the day: first, to give them an opportunity to make an item from start to finish in one session, and second, to enjoy some uninterrupted creative time, something all mothers of young children appreciate, but which most of these mothers never experience.

Three of our students arrived at 10:30 and set to work sewing rice bag totes.  They practiced using the rotary cutter and learned how to apply fusible interfacing.  They used both straight and zig-zag stitching and greatly improved their topstitching skill.  They worked steadily and didn’t want to stop for lunch until they had finished their bags.

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you may remember hearing about one of the older women in our class who has struggled with the sewing machine.  She’s had trouble moderating the speed, sewing straight, and making mistakes. But Saturday was different! She seemed to be so at ease sewing. Her technique was much improved, her stitches even and straight, her confidence at an all time high!  She worked steadily and without frustration and was the first one to finish her beautiful lined tote bag. The other women spurred her on with their encouraging comments. “SA is the first to finish!” they cheered, when she completed her bag.

At the end of our four and a half hours, each of the women had sewn a rice bag tote from start to finish and each one was so pleased with the finished work of her hands!