Our Littlest Learners

It has been said that Thanksgiving should not just be an annual holiday, but rather, an eternal lifestyle. Those of us who follow Christ should be filled with thanks, overflowing with gratitude, eternally focused on the "good and perfect gifts" we have received from God. But we need reminders ... and the annual holiday is a good reminder.

Here at Make Welcome, we are the very grateful recipients of many, many, many, many, many good ... indeed wonderful ... and abundant gifts. So, during the month of November, we want to recount the gifts we've received and publicly say thank you! If you'd like to join in with us and share some of your thanks in the comments, please do!

For starters, we want to give thanks for our students!!!

We have the great privilege of working each week with a group of refugee women from Burma. Each of them has a story of hardship and suffering, of pain, loss, loneliness, trauma, and grief. Yet, they are some of the most courageous, resilient, giving, tenacious women we have ever met. They are eager to learn, hard-working, encouraging, and fun. They laugh a lot in class. We are very grateful that we get to work week in and week out with these precious women, very grateful that they want to be a part of the Make Welcome family. Yes, we are so very grateful for our students!