Opportunity to Support Refugee Art

One of my favorite international refugee nonprofits is Liberty in North Korea (LiNK). Thanks to their work, I was made aware of how horrific life is for citizens of North Korea. I've heard the country called "the world's largest concentration camp," and that wasn't even referring to the many prison camps in North Korea. Life there is beyond comprehension horrible for the average person.

Because China refuses to recognize the dire straits of the North Korean people, whenever anyone escapes across the border from NK, Chinese authorities immediately repatriate them. There's an network of brave Chinese citizens who operate an underground railroad of sorts to help these asylum seekers find safety, usually transporting them to South Korea. LiNK works to make people like me aware of the crisis and then to help fund the effort to rescue refugees who have crossed the border.

Right now, the LiNK store is featuring a shirt design by the artist Sun Mu. Originally a propaganda artist for the North Korean army, he defected in 1998. He now uses his art to help make the Western world aware of the plight of his homeland. All of the profit from the t-shirt purchase funds LiNK's work. If you're looking for a Christmas present idea, this is a great one.