Life in the Refugee Camp

Excerpt from 10 Million to 1 by Jeffrey Kirk

I lived in a refugee camp for nearly a year. The camp lacked good facilities, food health care, and shelter. I was assigned a place in "barracks" made of bamboo with thatched roofs and walls.

There were many kinds of biting insects, especially mosquitoes, and there were often rats and snakes too. Many of snakes were poisonous so I was often afraid. We had to chase them into the woods near the edge of camp.

We were given very little to eat and had to buy extra food from the local people who came to the fence of the camp to sell their stuff to us. They sold food, cigarettes, marijuana, and and alcohol. The alcohol caused many problems in the camp.

Living in the refugee camp was horrible. I would like to forget it, but know that I never will.