A Day at the Art Walk

This past Saturday Make Welcome participated in the Harrisburg ARTwalk.  It was our first opportunity to sell items that the women have made. The day before the ARTwalk, our class members tagged all the items with these lovely tags.  Each tag bears the name of the maker on the back …


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The day of the ARTwalk, we displayed our colorful wares and enjoyed meeting new people and telling the story of Make Welcome, while we sold some of our rice bag totes, embellished hand towels, headbands, fabric flower hair clips, and quilted diaper pads.  


We’re so grateful to Amber Benton, who designed our logo; Daniel Camenisch who designed our information flyer; and Annette Conrad who told us about the ARTwalk in the first place!

We continue to explore other opportunities to exhibit and sell the work of the women in the sewing class.  Should we open an etsy shop online, sell through a local gallery type shop, participate in more craft and art fairs, do contract sewing work for other small businesses?  These are some of the options we are investigating. As the skills of the women in the Make Welcome sewing class continue to improve, we are eager for them to see a greater financial return from the creative work of their hands.

This Saturday’s experience was so encouraging and we learned quite a bit!  If you have any small business insights or suggestions for us, please feel free to get in touch with us through the Contact link here on the website.